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There is nothing worse than getting to the gym and finding out that you have forgotten something you can’t do without. Packing your gym bag should inspire your workout, not hinder it. To make it easier, we have put together a list of 10 must-haves to add to your gym bag checklist to ensure nothing gets in the way of your workout!

  1. Face wipes. Wearing make-up when getting sweaty is a bad idea. Use face wipes to remove any make-up before your workout.
  2. Water bottle. Certain plastic bottles contain harmful chemicals; to be safe use a glass or steel water bottle.
  3.  Lock and key. No one likes having to worry about their valuables being stolen while they are focused on burning calories. Protect your gear by locking your bag in a locker and keeping the key with you during your workout.
  4.  Yoga mat. A yoga mat is useful for important pre- and post-workout stretching; however, using the gym’s mats can be unhygienic. Make sure your yoga mat is regularly sprayed with antibacterial ingredients like tea tree oil.
  5. Skipping rope. Skipping is a great way to warm up as it pumps up your heart rate and gets your muscles ready for your workout.
  6. A Towel. A must-have for hygienic reasons when doing exercise; no one wants to use equipment covered in someone else’s perspiration.
  7. Playlist. Music is a great way to motivate that extra push during your workout. Spend some time downloading a few up-beat tracks for your phone and find some earphones that feel most comfortable when you are active.
  8. Shower pack. If you shower at the gym, find a few mini bottles to decant your shampoo, conditioner and soap into to make sure your gym bag isn’t heavy and full. Also, make sure you take a pair of slops with to avoid picking up any bacterial or fungal foot infections from the shower floor.
  9. Plastic bag. Remember to keep a packet for your sweaty clothes to avoid the rest of your gym bag smelling like your workout.
  10. Post-workout snack. Pack in some nuts, fruit or a sugar-free snack bar to boost your energy levels after your workout and to avoid craving something unhealthy.