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Including fibre in your diet is of vital importance. Fibre can lower your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improve your cholesterol, make you feel fuller for longer by absorbing water and lower the G.I. of your meals – which makes it great for weight-loss!

Fibre keeps our gut happy by encouraging the growth of good gut bacteria which is key for digestive health, a strong immune system and even balancing out our moods. It also helps the body to eliminate waste and toxins from the digestive tract, and slows down the digestion of foods.

The recommended daily amount of fibre for women is 25g a day – an amount that many of us are not getting. Fortunately, G.I. Lean’s Feel-Full Night Fibre, is an easy solution for ensuring you get the right quantities of fibre to ensure good gut health.

G.I. Lean’s Feel-Full Night Fibre combines glucomannan & psyllium husk with fibre. For best results, take this supplement at night before your evening meal.

Find G.I. Lean’s Feel-Full Night Fibre at your nearest Dis-Chem, selected Clicks stores and other leading pharmacies and health stores nationwide.