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A change of perspective is sometimes all you need to get excited about loving your work-out routine again. Below are some useful hints to shift your mind and body into gear!

  1. Pick a killer soundtrack

Listening to the same old workout playlist over and over, it’s easy to feel uninspired and bored – so make sure to change it up every month by adding songs that keep you and your endorphins amped!

  1. Spoil yourself with gym gear

Wearing things that make you look and feel good can go a long way to improving your mind set and attitude towards gym. In gym, where the body is the prime focus, wearing clothing that supports your body – and your self-confidence – is important. If you are dreading working out, remembering that you are wearing bright pink gym shorts or a pretty sports bra can turn your attitude around.

  1. Reward yourself

Don’t be too strict on yourself about exercising, and allow fun rewards for yourself after a workout such as a delicious fruit smoothie or permission to relax on the couch with a (small!) glass of wine. Us humans perform better with rewards in mind!

  1. Listen to your body

If you tend to push yourself when working out, such as running for an extra five minutes or doing the hardest version of an exercise, this could make you resent working out. Set yourself the limit of listening to your body and respecting what it can do during exercise – this will allow you to enjoy your workout safely and effectively.

  1. Avoid exercises you dread

Everyone has exercises they really dislike. Don’t include it in your routine because you feel as if you have to – your dislike of one activity can lead to your entire routine feeling like a chore. Include exercises you enjoy and your attitude will be more positive and no less effective.

  1. Smile, smile, smile

One of the simplest yet most effective tips for changing your perspective on gym (and life) is to smile. You may be surprised at how long the smile lingers, even after exercise!