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If waking up early in the morning to go to gym alone – again – isn’t a prospect you look forward to, you should consider finding someone to be your gym buddy. There are so many benefits to having someone join you in your work-out; from the obvious motivating each other, to the little known fact that socializing while exercising burns more calories!

  1. You will commit to actually going!

If you’re feeling like skipping your next work out, a gym buddy can motivate you to put on your gym clothes and get working. This works both ways, as you will sometimes have to convince your partner to go on days when he or she is lacking motivation. Being each other’s motivation is key here.

  1. They can bring out your competitive streak

Working out with someone who has a higher fitness level than yours will encourage you to push yourself harder and work out for longer than when alone – bringing out your competitive spirit and drive.

  1. You will get, and give, new ideas

Having a friend at gym will give you access to a new range of fitness ideas. Your friend will have a different workout to you, which means you can swap ideas and expertise – you may even find a new favourite workout routine! Working with a friend also allows you try out exercises meant for two, such as medicine ball tossing or resistance exercises.

  1. Gym will be fun again

Chatting over a glass of wine with friends is fun, but chatting while burning calories can make the workout a blast. When you work out with a buddy, your body releases more endorphins, which means that your pain levels will be reduced and your energy levels will increase – making for more effective exercise.

  1. You will have someone to monitor your safety

Gym-ing alone can be a safety risk, especially when you are working with weights. Having someone to “spot” you decreases your risk of injury, as well as helping you to maintain proper form. The difficulty of a weight workout is also lessened when you have a partner to help you take off or put on the extra weights.

  1. It’s a self-confidence booster

Exercising with someone encourages physical activity, but it can also limit your self-doubt. Seeing someone who is at the same level of fitness as you do an exercise you have been insecure of doing, strengthens your belief that you can do it. The greater your self-confidence, the more motivated you are likely to become!

  1. Calories burn faster when you’re social

Studies have shown that when you gym with a partner, you can burn up to 41 more calories per session than when exercising alone! Chatting with someone while on the treadmill makes you forget that you’re exercising and instead of glancing at the clock, wondering when your time is up, you may even work out for longer than usual.

  1. It’s a free therapy session!

Sharing stories and advice with your friends is a great way to get rid of emotional – and physical – stress.  You can decompress while in the gym and head home or to work feeling refreshed and destressed.

  1. You can share your accomplishments with someone

With a gym buddy, you will be able to share your accomplishments with someone who knows how hard you have been training to reach your goals. The reward for attaining those goals will seem sweeter if you have someone by your side who is encouraging your progress.

  1. It can lead to a healthier diet

Your gym buddy is most likely interested in living a healthy lifestyle, which means they will be eating a healthier diet. Let this encourage you to do the same, and make healthy diet and lifestyle changes with the support of your buddy. Swap healthy recipes and tips with them, and be emotionally supportive of each other.