Success Stories

Charlene Mekel – Lost 12 kg!

Charlene was often tired, hungry and left battling her cravings. She changed her life by following the G.I. Lean lifestyle, balancing her blood sugar levels and enjoying the healthy, tasty food and recipes. When she combined this with an exercise program and G.I. Lean supplementation, she got the body most women dream about!

“I didn’t realise what a difference just eating Low-GI food can make.”

“I feel SO good about myself again and cannot tell you the difference with my self-esteem! I feel beautiful and love my body now!”

Suzy Rodrigues – Transformed her life!

Suzy went from being overweight to qualifying as a spinning master instructor, an aqua instructor and personal trainer with a slim body to match!

She combined healthy eating, training and G.I. Lean supplementation to reach her goals.

“I started with G.I. Lean products and wow, they really work.”

“I truly believe being passionate and living a true honest life is what motivates and inspires everyone around me. Don’t give up on your weight loss dreams until you can reach out and touch them.”

Sarah Rosslien – lost 45 kg!

Sarah lost over 40 kg and now feels and looks great!

After having tried every diet she could get her hands on, she finally chose G.I. Lean and never looked back.

“I had no cravings and loads of energy, because of this my whole lifestyle has changed, I love exercise and I’m so much more motivated and happy in life.”

“I do hope that others out there that are struggling as I was give your products and programme a go, it is truly worth it!”

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